Crocodile Fern in a Sonny Pot

Crocodile Fern in a Sonny Pot
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Crocodile Ferns are vibrant indoor plants with glossy green leaves.Their botanical name is Asplenium Osaka.

They prefer medium to low indirect light, and a warmer space. Because they are tropical in nature they like to be well watered, but can tolerate drying out in between waterings.

Our Nest Ferns come in a Large Sonny Pot in Dove made by Evergreen Collective valued at $69 each.


Plant Care Instructions

Light: These aspleniums should be exposed neither to bright sunlight nor dense shade. Give them medium light all year long.
Temperature: All these species do well in normal temperature although they can actually withstand quite low temperatures.
Watering: During the active growth period water plentifully as often as necessary to make the potting mixture thoroughly moist. During the rest period water sparingly, enough to keep the potting mixture from drying out. It will not hurt these ferns to dry out for a while, but it is best to keep them evenly moist.
Feeding: Apply liquid fertilizer to well established plants once a month during active growth period.


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