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The flowers were great and the guests were complementing it. Thanks for this great job!

- Jo, 10th December, 2018   (Email)


Awesome people and wide range of indoor plants.

- Suraj Dangi, 10th December, 2018   (Google Review)


Thank you so much! Ethan has not stopped cuddling his Jellycat toy since it arrived. It means so much to us! More than you can imagine.

- Megan, 6th December, 2018   (Email)


Just a quick note to thank you for the florals here in Eastern Creek. They look really great, we especially love the vases and the showpieces with the spear grass - beautiful! 

- Rosy, 3rd December, 2018   (Email)


I always use Urban Flower. They do beautiful displays and as a regular I get 10% off.

- Anon, 1st December, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Thank you for the prompt delivery of my order. The flowers were so well presented, and perfect for the occasion we are celebrating at work.

- Anon, 1st December, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


I had a tropical fascinator custom-made for a wedding and it was absolutely spectacular! And good value for money too. Would highly recommend! Thank you Urban Flower!

- Melissa, 28th November, 2018   (Google Review)


Great service and quality flowers.

- Anon, 27th November, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Brilliant. I made a bad mistake with wrong delivery address and they did everything to ensure courier returned and delivered to the correct location. Excellent customer service.

- Anon, 26th November , 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


The Urban Flower website was attractive and easy to navigate. They had a lovely range of options to choose from. The arrangement I ordered was delivered promptly and was very much appreciated by the recipient, who said it was particularly beautiful. Thank you.

- Anon, 26th November, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Awesome arrangement!

- Anon, 26th November, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


I would like to thank you for the beautiful flower bouquet, my sister really liked it and it was the same as I ordered on your site, thanks again and I'm sure I'll order from you again.

- Houda Tayba, 25th November, 2018   (Email)


Ordering was easy and problem free. The plant gift for my friends was exactly as I had hoped for and more.

- Anon, 25th November, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Lovely flowers as always. Thanks!

- Anon, 25th November, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


I just received pics from the recipient. Beautiful arrangement. Thank you.

- Stephen Couch, 20th November, 2018   (Email)


It was wonderful. I'm from Sri Lanka and I needed the orchids sent to my sister in Sydney. It was just a few easy steps! No stress! And they had sent the most beautiful plant! It looked so much better than the pictures! Thanks a tonne!

- Anon, 20th November, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


So happy with the beautiful flowers received - job well done!

- Anon, 19th November, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I heard from my friend and she said they are beautiful flowers, she's thrilled. Thank you!

- Annie, 16th November, 2018   (Email)


I order from florists many times a year - these were exactly as advertised! I'm changing florists!

- Beverlee, 15th November, 2018   (Facebook Review)


Just wanted to let you know that my partner absolutely loved the arrangement that she received today. Not easy ordering online sometimes but I'm very grateful for the effort you made - she was genuinely impressed and so was I. Will definitely be your client again in the future! Thank you.

- Paul, 12th November, 2018   (Email)


Always lovely to deal with... thank you!

- Anon, 12th November, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Flowers were lovely and delivered on time.

- Anon, 11th November, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


I just wanted to say thank you for the bouquet. Tabitha and I were both very satisfied.

- Stephanie, 8th November, 2018   (Email)


I actually have seen a picture of the arrangement that you sent and it looked stunning. Thanks very much for your help with my enquiries and also for the lovely arrangement. Will definitely be using Urban Flower again in the future.

- Jan, 1st November, 2018   (Email)


Excellent design. The flowers lasted longer than the other flowers I received. Pleasant deliverer. Exactly as ordered.

- Anon, 27th October, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


I love their flowers, beautiful arrangements, and value for money.

- Lawrie, 25th October, 2018   (Facebook Review)


I recently received flowers from you. They were the most beautiful I've received. They lasted the longest. Thank you. I will use you whenever I want to send flowers.

Lousie, 22nd October, 2018   (Email)


I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic service and beautiful flowers I ordered today. Ann Marie who received the flowers has sent me a photo and they are truly amazing.

- Margaret, 16th October, 2018   (Email)


Excellent service and stunning flowers. Thank you.

- Anon, 15th October, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Received exceptional service from this company. When my flowers couldn't be delivered, the team worked out an alternate solution and got them delivered quickly. Great communicators and very polite and professional. Thank you.

- Anon, 14th October, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Brilliant! Beautiful flowers, delivered very quickly! The staff were very helpful.

- Jordan, 9th October, 2018   (Google Review)


Placed order from California for flowers to a friend recovering from major surgery in Sydney suburb. Reasonable price, next day delivery. Satisfied customer - thank you Urban Flower!

- Anon, 8th October, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Guys! I am so thrilled with how my wedding bouquets turned out! Thank you so much.

- Sarah, 6th October, 2018   (Google Review)


Awesome hampers, my wife especially liked the organic hand-made Balm Me Better for our newborn baby.

- Chris, 6th October, 2018   (Google Review


Thank you for the funeral display. They sent us photos and it was just perfect.

- Anon, 4th October, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


The customer service was fantastic. These guys know what they are doing. Perfect delivery on-time even when I ordered from Canada. Will call you again.

- Anon, 4th October, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Extremely helpful staff and fantastic management skills.

- Tom, 2nd October, 2018   (Google Review)


Beautiful choice of flowers.

- Margaret, 2nd October, 2018   (Direct to Florist Review)


The flowers were absolutely gorgeous. Best experience hands down with a florist in Sydney.

- Anon, 29th September, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


This was my third time ordering from Urban Flower - I got the Chelsea for my BFF and she loved it.

- Anon, 28th September, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


The receiver said it was an absolutely beautiful display. Thank you.

- Anon, 28th September, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


They consistently and literally deliver fantastic gorgeous flowers exactly where you want them to go, no drama. Would not use anyone else.

- Anon, 24th September, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Using the wonderful team at Urban Flower, Sydney for many years has been an absolute pleasure. All team members are helpful and go above and beyond my expectations with customer service and ideas associated with flowers. I highly recommend them to family and colleagues. The flowers are delivered in a timely manner and with the time frame guaranteed. I only wish that Urban Flower operated in other states so I could give additional business to them. The quality of arrangements and flowers are five star.

- Glenn Cusack, 21st September, 2018   (Google Review)


I just wanted to say a heartfelt thanks for the thank you flowers I received yesterday, they made my heart grow a hundred-fold. I am indeed grateful. Grateful that you bring happiness to my friends and family when they receive a delivery from you! It is a pleasure to deal with such a professional and humane company.

- Mary, 18th September, 2018   (Email)


Regular customer of Urban Flower. Customer service is exceptional. And bouquets always turn out simply stunning and delivered on time. Never had an issue. A

- Pauline, 14th September, 2018   (Facebook Review)


Very good service and speedy delivery to St Vincent's Hospital, Darlinghurst. Well done! Flowers were beautiful I'm told.

- Anon, 11th September, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


International customer. Good experience. Florist followed instructions. Delivery made on time, and recipient was delighted with selection and freshness of flowers.

- Anon, 10th September, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Website easy to use and delivery was perfect, as was the bunch of roses delivered.

- Anon, 9th September, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Five star service and great quality.

- Henna, 4th September, 2018   (Facebook Review)


I ordered a box of flowers from overseas and online yesterday for my sick sister in Sydney, Australia and it was beautiful as I saw the picture on their website! It really made her happy! Great service, beautiful arrangements and on time. Thank you so much.

- Niala, 28th August, 2018   (Google Review)


Arrangement was beautiful and arrived before my mother's operation and really made her happy. Staff and patients loved it too! We took the arrangement home and added another plant and it lives on still looking lovely. Thank you.

- Anon, 27th August, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


I've used Urban Flower three times, all online and long distance. Each time they have done a fantastic job by delivering promptly to the correct address a gorgeous artistically crafted bouquet of flowers which has thrilled my recipient and made me look clever, thoughtful and extravagant. This is exactly what I want from a long distance florist. I chose Urban Flower because of the easy user friendly set up of their website, the sumptuous look of their bouquets (and their names - who wouldn't want a Showstopper?) and their promise to deliver widely and well within Sydney. They have never let me down. Judging by the photos sent by delighted recipients, the bouquets are exactly as ordered so I can honestly say they are truthful as well as tasteful and top of their game.

- Anon, 20th August, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


The first time our company bought flowers from Urban, it was for an upset client and we decided to buy them flowers. We ordered it in the morning and was so surprised of the same day delivery and received a glowing email and review from our client who was extremely happy about the flowers. Since then, I have used Urban Flower for personal use and was happy of the consistently great service.

- Anon, 19th August, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Flowers were beautiful and excellent service.

- Anon, 19th August, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Always beautiful flowers and delivered on time.

- Anon, 14th August, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Edwina loved the beautiful flowers. I remember her having white roses for her wedding bouquet. Thank you!

- Emma, 8th August, 2018   (Email)


Jane is thrilled with the hamper and flowers, and says it's magnificent! Thank you very much for all your wonderful work, and I'll definitely be ordering flowers through your business again in the future!

- Heather, 7th August, 2018   (Email)


Can I just say the flowers are so stunning? Mum is super impressed!

- Amber, 6th August, 2018   (Email)


Ordering flowers from overseas for family in Sydney has been quite difficult and on several occasions I have been very disappointed when they have sent me a photo of the flowers they have received. However, I can highly recommend Urban Flower. They are excellent to deal with and I am guaranteed what I see on their website when I order is what is actually delivered. Thank you Urban Flower for your excellent service and beautiful flowers and gifts.

- Anon, 1st August, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Just wanted to say thank you for arranging the flowers so quickly on Saturday! They were absolutely beautiful.

- Sarah, 30th July, 2018   (Email)


First class experience with Urban Flower, will definitely use them again!

- Anon, 27th July, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


A caring florist with stunning aesthetic and quality. I needed flowers sent for a special occasion to my cousin who lives in NSW and I am located in Los Angeles. They were able to get my order out as soon as possible and placed flowers in a safe location because my cousin wasn't home. It can be hard to order solely from what you see online and not in person - however, this florist exceeded my expectations. This florist went out of the way to make sure I was a happy customer. My cousin absolutely loved the flowers and the arrangement/quality was perfect and even more beautiful than what I had explained that I wanted. If you're looking for a florist who cares, will provide you with quality and beautiful flowers - this is the shop. I'm so happy to find a shop like this for my flower needs. Truly exceptional service and flowers.

- Nadine, 20th July, 2018   (Yelp Review)


I ordered the flowers online and in a hurry while travelling in Scandinavia with limited phone battery. I was delighted by the ease and speed of the process. Our daughter was thrilled to receive them when they were delivered (perfectly on time) to her hotel in Sydney. The bouuet was beautiful and the chocolates were a great success too. We are very happy to recommend Urban Flower.

- Anon, 17th July, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


We rang in the morning and our hamper and a few other things were delivered that afternoon! Thank you so much for making it so easy and providing such beautiful products.

- Stacey, 14th July, 2018   (Facebook Review)


I ordered flowers from here as a gift to my manager and she said they were the best flowers she has ever received. Thank you so much Shannon for her help.

- Lena, 23rd June, 2018   (Email)


I just wanted to say thank you for your prompt delivery. It arrived before 10am and my friend was so surprised and elated to see the flowers. Beautiful work too! Thanks!

- Yasmine, 22nd June, 2018   (Email)


Was really happy with the flowers and service. I would highly recommend this florist for any gifts or deliveries.

- Lena, 12th June, 2018   (Google Review)


Beautiful orchids delivered on time.

- Bob, 12th June, 2018   (Google Review)


The beautiful arrangement from your shop has continued to give me pleasure every day since it arrived on the 28th May. I sent a picture to my family showing them how lovely it was and another last week as it began to require some culling. I think this will be the finish of what has been a beautiful gift and obviously choice flowers. This morning I lost the last of the tulips and snapdragons, but the stock with its perfume is still holding on. Thank you to the florist who created the arrangement. I think I'll turn 90 again if this is what it brings!

- Cecily, 6th June, 2018   (Email)


I had some flowers delivered today to Trinity Grammar School and I wanted to say thank you! Marian sent me a pic and they're absolutely incredible! Worth every cent!

- Kellie, 4th June, 2018   (Email)


I ordered the Florist Choice and was not disappointed. Thank you Urban Flower for the stunning arrangement!

- Dan, 4th June, 2018   (Google Review)


My niece was overwhelmed with joy, surprise and tears at the arrival of the beautiful flowers. Thank you again for the 'speedy service'!

- Anon, 4th June, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Exactly what I ordered and delivered on time told. Very happy with purchase and variety available.

- Anon, 2nd June, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Easy to order and recipient gave great feedback on what arrived. Very happy.

- Anon, 31st May, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Beautiful flowers, thanks heaps!

- Aaron, 25th May, 2018   (Facebook Review)


I had trouble ordering online due to a Mother's Day promotion so I called the shop and the gentleman was super friendly and helpful. Would totally recommend!

- Anon, 20th May, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Exceptional flowers. I will definitely be using Urban Flower again in the future.

- Anon, 19th May, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


First time ordering from Urban Flower for Mother's Day. After an unfortunate and unlucky mishap, the customer service was incredible and remeding the situation immediately by redelivering the flowers ASAP. Response time was immediate and the staff were available and keen to sort out any problems. My Mum received the flowers and said that they were stunning! I would definitely recommend and order again!

- Cathy, 18th May, 2018   (Facebook Review)


It was very easy to order online, and my friend received the succulent plant and was very happy with it.

- Anon, 15th May, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


I just wanted to say thank you all for the flowers, they turned out amazing and the chocolates were delicious. Thank you so very much.

- Lilly, 13th May, 2018   (Email)


Absolutely amazing, my Mum was gobsmacked when she got the flowers... so good.

- Stephanie, 12th May, 2018   (Facebook Review)


Beautiful flowers delivered on time.

- Anon, 9th May, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


I ordered a bunch of flowers as a last minute gift and was sceptical about them arriving on time (that same day) but they did and they were stunning!

- Lauren, 8th May, 2018   (Google Review)


My daughter was delighted with the beach tote filled as requested and delivered for her birthday. Thank you.

- Anon, 5th May, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Had lots of orders through these guys, there has never been a problem with delivery and the quality of flowers delivered. They are friendly and helpful. A great business.

- Anon, 27th April, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


I just wanted to say thank you so much for the beautiful Anzac Day wreaths - the Colonel who collected them was blown away by the quality, beauty and weight of them and he is someone who should know! Thanks again to all the team.

- Nancy, 25th April, 2018   (Email)


We recently ordered flowers to the Mater Hospital which were delivered just now. Thank you - the bouquet is stunning and thank you also for your fast service.

- Kirsty, 24th April, 2018   (Email)


Thank you so much for the lovely basket which I ordered for my niece, she was totally blown away with its beauty. Being in another state from her I wanted something special and you really delivered. Will use you again in a heartbeat.

- Seanna, 24th April, 2018   (Email)


The recipient said the flowers were too beautiful for words, so I could not ask for more as they were for a funeral.

- Jenny, 24th April, 2018   (Direct 2 Florist Review)


My son and his flat mates loved your flowers I sent to them and are now using the 'vase' as a fishbowl! I will be ordering again for my Sydney friends!

- Carol, 22nd April, 2018   (Email)


Thank you for the beautiful flowers I sent in Sympathy today. The lady who received them raved about them. She said they were truly gorgeous. She sent me a photo (Pure Love from the Sympathy Collection) and they look even more beautiful than the picture on your site. Thank you for the great service Urban Flower.

- Sharon S., 11th April, 2018   (Email)


Urban Flower! Oh my goodness!  I was blown away by your expertise and talent. The flowers you arranged for my wedding were beyond phenomenal. Not only were my bridesmaids' bouquets spectacular, my bridal bouquet absolutely tied everything together, I was blown away. Exceptional service! I'll definitely be coming back. I can't thank you enough.

- Sarra C., 11th April, 2018   (Facebook Review)


You guys made it so easy to organise flowers for our special day.

- Kyrah, 11th April, 2018   (Facebook Review)


I just wated to say a huge thanks for all the effort you went to with our wreath - it was beautiful! 

- Carmen, 9th April, 2018   (Email)


Absolutely fantastic service.

- Anon, 7th April, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


My go to florist, always reliable, great price and their blooms are always of great quality. 10/10 would recommend.

- Anon, 7th April, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Excellent ordering process and excellent floral arrangement.

- Anon, 7th April, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Our wedding flowers were exactly what we wanted. The team took on our requests and examples, and then produced beautiful bouquets. We received a tonne of great feedback about the flowers from our guests and from people who saw the photos. Thanks so much guys.

- Vincent, 6th April, 2018   (Facebook Review)


Ordered the Blush box for my sister's birthday. The box was beautifully presented and each detail was elegant including the gorgeous flowers! She was thrilled with the gift. Would highly recommend Urban Flower for any occasion. 

- Laura, 5th April, 2018   (Google Review)


The bouquet sent today was beautiful. Your care will ensure I will definitely use your florist delivery service again.

- Philamena B., 4th April, 2018   (Email)


Flowers were delivered on time and looked unreal!

- Daniel, 3rd April, 2018   (Google Review)


Online shop easy to use. Plant was delivered on time and in good condition. In fact, several people in the hospital wanted to keep it.

- Anon, 2nd April, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Once again prompt service and goods as described - recipient delighted - thank you Urban Flower.

- Anon, 2nd April, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


The gift hamper was perfect for my sister's birthday! Thank you.

- Anon, 29th March, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


The flowers were much more than we had hoped for, which was for a friend in hospital. Even the nurses wanted them for the ward area. They were just gorgeous and would do it again if needed. Thank you so much.

- Anon, 27th March, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Quite straight-forward ordering. Bouquet was great, as shown on the website - happy with that!

- Anon, 22nd March, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Quick response and great range. My friend described her flowers as 'spectacular'. I'm delighted.

- Anon, 22nd March, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Delighted with the service - beautiful orchid even more spectacular than the illustration. Easy to navigate site and first class quality product. I would certainly recommend Urban Flower for quality and efficiency of service.

- Anon, 15th March, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


I received a stunning arrangement today. Lush and whimsical with beautiful fresh flowers.

- Jessica, 15th March, 2018   (Google Review)


The flowers were true to the picture shown on the website.

- Anon, 14th March, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Very quick delivery. Lovely arrangement. Great to have option to have arrangement in a vase for delivery to a hospital. Not cheap - but no florist is.

- Anon, 14th March, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Thank you to Winston and the team for your service, much appreciated. It was so easy. 

- Miranda H., 8th March, 2018   (Email)


I wanted to thank you for your prompt delivery of the order I placed yesterday. Not only were the flowers beautiful, but more affordable, than any other site I researched. You will be my go-to Sydney florist hence-forth.

- Raylee W., 6th March, 2018   (Email)


Great price, lovely flowers and excellent service.

- Anon, 6th March, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


The flower arrangements are beautiful and well presented online to purchase. My adult son also liked your website and so between us it was a pleasure to shop online and find the arrangement for his sister and my daughter. My daughter adored your flower arrangement and large sized 'Freckle' which was added to the gift. We as a family, are well pleased shopping with Urban Flower - thank you for helping my daughter feel special on her birthday.

- Anon, 2nd March, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


May I just say that your delivery driver was fantastic yesterday - there was an issue with delivery as the hosptial didn't recognise the patient's name. Your driver very kindly waited while we sorted out the problem and made sure the flowers were delivered to the correct person. We very much appreciate his help. Thank you! 

- Paula G., 28th February, 2018   (Email)


The arrangement was impressive. The price wasn't too bad even though it was Valentine's Day. Delivery exceptional!

- Anon, 23rd February, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


My girl was so moved by the flowers that she broke down crying. The flowers arrive on time and in great shape. Thanks team Urban Flower, 10 out of 10 stars.

- Anon, 21st February. 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


I rang early in the morning for same day delivery (Valentines) and wanted to make sure I spoke to someone. Ordered the Summer Love with a teddy bear and my girlfriend got it before 12 midday. She was very happy and sent me photos. The flowers were a lot bigger than what they had on the website, so I'm a very happy customer!

- Jay, 15th February, 2018   (Google Review)


Very happy with the service and delivery. Super professional but would have liked confirmation of delivery.

- Anon, 14th February, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


I just wanted to say thank you and let you know my daughter absolutely loved the Pink Delight that you delivered for her birthday last Thursday. Thank you for the great service, will definitely be using you again in the future.

- Julianne N., 12th February, 2018   (Email)


Wonderful team of people! They always have bouquets ready to pick up in their shop front and the quality of flowers is always outstanding! The best florist in Sydney, period. 

- Alexis, 9th February, 2018   (Google Review)


Very straightforward and easy to order and I liked the alternative of a longer lasting plant option.

- Anon, 9th February, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Appreciated the efficient devliery of a suitable product.

- Anon, 8th February, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Lovely flower arrangement, helpful staff.

- Anon, 2nd February, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


I have been using Urban Flower for years and have never been disappointed. Highly recommend their services.

- Anon, 1st February, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Good range of flowers. Ordered sunflowers, recipient's favourite flower, she was very happy with quality and quantity. Easy service to use and will use again.

- Anon, 31st January, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Quick, easy to order. Balloon arrangement with side gifts amazing. Most beautiful smile on my nephew's face. Urban Flower is now my new supplier. Thank you so much.

- Anon, 31st January, 2018   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Trustworthy and beautiful flowers.

Barbara, 30th January, 2018   (Direct 2 Florist Review)


Beautiful arrangement ordered from Johannesburg, arrived on time to celebrate my daughter's 40th birthday. She was thrilled. Thank you.

- Bryan, 11th January, 2018   (Google Review)


Thank you so much for my wedding flowers, they were perfect and beautiful.

- Laura, 10th January, 2018   (Email) 


I wanted a native bouquet for my wedding day. At pretty short notice, leading up to Christmas, Urban Flower accepted the challenge and came up with something spectacular. They were a delight to deal with. And they managed to include my wish-list blooms: Christmas Bush and Redgum Blossom! I was overjoyed! Thank you for your professionalism, your kindness and your beautiful work.

- AK.N, 5th January, 2018   (Google Review)


Thanks for your stand-out flower arrangement to my sister Anne. They were simply exquisite. I will always use you should the need arise and will most certainly recommend you to family and friends. Great job.

- Corrie, 26th December, 2017   (Email)


Great to know you can order flowers from the UK and they are exactly as described and delivered on time.

- Anon, 26th December, 2017   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Beautiful - stunning display. Thank you.

- Catherine, 23rd December, 2017   (Direct 2 Florist Review


The flowers were wonderful, in perfect condition and were delivered the next day from being ordered.

- Anon, 23rd December, 2017   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Great variety/range, reasonable priced and always on time delivery. Highly recommended!

- Anon, 23rd December, 2017   (Google Trusted Store Review)


I'm just following up with all my wedding suppliers to say a huge thank you. The work that so many did for our wedding made a huge impact on our day - and yours was just sensational. I got so many compliments about my flowers. I was just so overjoyed with my wedding bouquet. It was a delight to deal with you, and I will happily recommend you to anyone I know who is getting married or who needs flowers.

- Angela N., 22nd December, 2017   (Email)


Thank you all so much for the beautiful arrangement of sunflowers that were sent to my daughter this afternoon. She was really thrilled with them.

- Liz, 21st December, 2017   (Email)


Gorgeous range of flowers and arrangements. My favourite are the bouquets. Prompt delivery and no problem is ever too hard to sort out. My no.1 go-to florist for all occasions.

- Diana, 20th December, 2017   (Google Review)


I've used Urban Flower twice and both times I've been delighted with the quality of their product and their excellent customer service. The website is really easy to use and I love that I am able to see exactly what I am sending. They have a choice of prices for each item and you can choose exactly what you want to spend. Their bouquets are just that little bit extra special, really creative and original. All in all, professional, quality and beautiful. Can't recommend highly enough.

- Anon, 15th December, 2017   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Beautiful flower arrangement, delivered very promptly. Thank you.

- Anon, December 14th, 2017   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Very professional, the staff actually called and tried to arrange an alternative delivery address because the courier might be arriving close to 5pm. Website is easy to use, nice clean simple, can pay with Paypal. Will recommend and will use again.

- Anon, 9th December, 2017   (Google Trusted Store Review)


The flowers look so beautiful. Thank you!

- Simon, 7th December, 2017   (Email)


Stunning arrangement. The flowers were exactly like the photos in the website and the cost of the flowers was very reasonable given the quality. I will definitely use Urban Flower again. They are far and away the best online florist I have used.

- Anon, 30th November, 2017   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Lovely arrangement and the recipient was so impressed with the flowers. Thought they were absolutely stunning.

- Anon, 19th November, 2017   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Beautiful flowers... for an 87th birthday - she was so thrilled, she said they made her day.

Anon, 15th November, 2017   (Google Trusted Store Review)


I placed an order earlier today for the girl that means so much to me. You came through with same day delivery not to mention a lovely bunch (for lack of a better word) of flowers along with the teddy and card. Thank you ladies for your efforts and will recommend your services without any hesitation ... Thank you again.

- Steff, 14th November, 2017   (Email)


Great to deal with and love their flowers.

- Anon, 14th November, 2017   (Google Trusted Store Review)


The flowers were beautiful and arrived on time. The recipient was extremely pleased!

- Anon, 13th November, 2017   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Fabulous, they are the only florist I use.

- Anon, 13th November, 2017   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Thank you so much. My wedding bouquet and buttonhole for my now husband were amazing. Thank you for getting my quite rare flowers in, in such short notice, they looked so fantastic. My day was perfect.

- Kimmy, 12th November, 2017   (Facebook Review)


 Used them twice recently - both times the recipients loved the flowers and they arrived on time. You do get what you pay for.

- Anon, 12th November, 2017   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Really fabulous flowers, flamboyant extraordinary arrangements, easy to use website and generous word count for gift cards. I ordered, they delivered, it was that easy and made the day of the person I was sending to which is the whole reason for sending flowers in the first place. I love their unique bouquets, the simple user friendly website and the efficient devliery. I could not be happier, and cannot recomment them highly enough.

- Anon, 12th November, 2017   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Everything was perfect. Your recommendation was spot on. Thank you so much. Would definitely recommend your services to people I know.

- Matthew, 8th November, 2017   (Email)


High quality and friendly staff. I ordered a box of red roses and chocolate online, everything was arrived as described and on time, they managed to take the charge of all what I have asked for since I live abroad Australia. I will place an order again for sure. Highly recommend.

- Nadim, 2nd November, 2017   (Google Review)


Urban Flower, thank you so much for the beautiful flowers you provided for my daughter's birthday. I was impressed with your professionalism, enthusiasm, and care taken to provide us with the perfect arrangement. You took what I said and came up with the exact flowers we had in mind, the flowers were absolutely stunning. From start to finish you were professional and responsive. You have a gift in what you do, thank you.

- Heidi, 28th October, 2017   (Facebook Review)


Fast service and beautiful flowers always!

- Anon, 28th October, 2017  (Google Trusted Store Review)


We ordered at very short notice yesterday for my Mother-in-Law's birthday and found your service to be super-easy. She absolutely loved the flowers. This alleviated a lot of stress after a very emotionally challenging week (hence why we forgot her birthday in the first place lol). Thank you!

- Heather, 27th October, 2017   (Email)


Bought my cousin flowers in Sydney, all the way from USA and they were delivered in 2-3 hours. Amazing, fast service!

- Anon, 27th October, 2017  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Excellent service and beautiful flowers.

- Hevcharl, 25th October, 2017   (Google Review)


Fabulous - quality product that was modern and had a quirky touch to it - delivered promptly and they loved it!

- Anon, 23rd October, 2017  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Flowers arrived when stated and looked the same as promised.

- Anon, 23rd October, 2017  (Google Trusted Store Review)


We needed a last minute bunch of flowers for a school teacher's birthday. 'The Glam' was perfect - super quick delivery and she was blown away by its size and beauty!

- Kerry, 23rd October, 2017   (Facebook Review)


Urban Flowers delivered flowers to my friend on her birthday. It was beautifully arranged and delivered at the right time.

- Sashil Kumar, 20th October, 2017   (Facebook Review)


Super fresh flowers delivered nice and early in the day. The recipient was blown away by how big and gorgeous the bunch was!

- Anon, 19th October, 2017  (Google Trusted Store Review)


I'm delighted to share my wonderful experience with this lovely bunch of people. I'm admittedly a very fussy customer. So imagine my delight, when the orchid I ordered, surpassed my expectations. I have had similar success in the past and had to share. Look forward to custom with this great business soon.

- Susie, 9th October, 2017   (Google Review)


The flowers were a gift to my Mum for my late Grandma's birthday. Both my Mum and I were delighted at how creatively they were arranged, also the freshness. Also, they were reasonably priced. Highly recommend this florist and thank you to Shannyn.

- Emma, 2nd October, 2017   (Google Review)


Excellent service from the time I picked up the phone and rang to place my order until Stuart arrived at a surprise 50th party at the Ettamogah Hotel on Saturday 23.09.17 which I could not attend. The Forest Tropic Terrarium was simply perfect and the emoji balloon was still standing the next two days at least and a bonus for me. Both were received happily by our friend, the first time I've sent a man flowers. As I am in Mackay, NQ, I had no knowledge of NSW florists and am grateful I found a user friendly webpage, then a lovely lady on the main office phone, who was so very friendly and helpful. My order was safely delivered to the Ettamogah Hotel in plenty of time for the surprise party, perfect service all around. Thanks again.

- Annie, 26th September, 2017   (Google Review)


Fantastic! Will definitely be buying from here again.

- Anon, 25th September, 2017  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Flowers are always beautiful and fresh.

- Anon, 24th September, 2017  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Thank you for the beautiful balloon bouquet that you delivered to my sick niece at Randwick Children's Hospital. It was big, vibrant and excellent value for money. It put a big smile on a sick little girl's face. Thank you!

- Kylie Norman, 22nd September, 2017   (Facebook Review)


Beautiful flowers delivered as requested, and an easy online shopping experience. 

- Anon, 22nd September, 2017  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Funny story - my grandmother (who was in hospital last week) was delivered special occassion flowers for being a new mum and the delivery person actually asked her if she'd had a baby! She was given the wrong flowers! Despite the mix up, which cheered her up, the flowers that were re-delivered to her were beautiful and I especially liked the added gifts in the basket. Thank you Urban Flower.

- Bernelle, 20th September, 2017   (Facebook Review)


The Pure Delight arrangement is just beautiful. Urban Flowers are true professionals.

- Liz, 20th September, 2017   (Facebook Review)


Flowers were just as shown on the internet and I got immediate replies to queries. Great internet buy!

- Anon, 16th September, 2017  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Thanks to Urban Flower for my delivery today. Flowers were amazing and couldn't recommend you guys any higher.

- Christian, 11th September, 2017   (Facebook Review)


Urban Flower has consistently sent gorgeous arrangements to my Australian family. Their flowers are beautiful, healthy, and long-lasting, their delivery timely, and their customer service is fantastic - there's no one else in Sydney I'd order flowers from.

- Heather, 8th September, 2017   (Google Review)


The orchid was beautiful. Thank you!

- Anon, 8th September, 2017  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Flowers were lovely and easy to order.

- Anon, 6th September, 2017  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Reliable and efficient

- Anon, 3rd September, 2017  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Friendly staff, quick delivery and beautiful flowers! Thanks Urban Flower.

- Anon, 30th August, 2017  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Friendly, affordable, great price and beautiful flowers.

- Aska, 29th August, 2017  (Google Trusted Store Review)


My friend was very happy with the flowers she received.

- Anon, 29th August, 2017  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Always easy to deal with and they have a great selection of beautiful flowers.

- Anon, 27th August, 2017  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Super quick delivery and great quality flowers!

- Anon, 24th August, 2017  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Thank you for all the amazing effort you went to, you were fantastic. My sis was very happy. I really appreciate it.

- Simone, 21st August, 2017   (Email)


I have purchased flowers several times now and each time the service has been great. The flowers are always beautiful and delivered on time.

- Anon, 21st August, 2017  (Google Trusted Store Review)


A nice florist, good and really friendly service with helpful people who really know what they're doing.

- Anon, 21st August, 2017   (Google Trusted Store Review)


I have ordered from Urban Flower before and found their flower arranegements unique and lovely - as well as very reasonably priced for the quality. 

- Anon, 21st August, 2017  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Urban Flower are always reliable, friendly and have the most beautiful flower arrangements. A standard go-to for all my last-minute birthday needs.

- Anon, 19th August, 2017  (Google Trusted Store Review)


I've been sending flowers through Urban for a number of years and delivery and flowers have always been excellent. A real pleasure to deal with.

- Anon, 19th August, 2017  (Google Trusted Store Review)


I was extremely happy when I ordered flowers for my sister's birthday. I requested by phone that they be delivered within a certain time, and not only was this adhered to, but the flowers, balloon and chocolate package arrived looking fabulous. Will definitely use again.

- Karen, 18th August, 2017   (Product Review)


Flowers were beautiful, fresh and delivered on time. Could not fault them.

- Anon, 18th August, 2017  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Beautifully presented and as described. Delviered on time. I was very impressed. Would definitely use again.

- Anon, 17th August, 2017  (Google Trusted Store Review)


I ordered flowers for my Mum's birthday on the weekend and my husband and I wished they could've stayed with us! Thank you Urban Flower for a beautiful arrangement. We opted for the deluxe version and was very pleased with the balance of colours and the ceramic vase. They arrived at the perfect time, looking exactly what we had ordered. They certainly created a WOW and my Mamma loved them so much. Will definitely continue to use your service. Thanks again!

Marlene, 14th August, 2017   (Google Review)


Thank you for the beautiful flowers that I received for my birthday, love the colours and the native plants, the whole arrangement was amazing.

- Aneti Utatao, 14th August, 2017   (Facebook Review)


I just wanted to thank you so much for taking the time to organise for the summer crop arrangement for my friend in hospital. You guys are truly amazing. When no other florist was interested in even hearing me out you guys pulled off an arrangement that was well above my expectations. I can't thank you enough . It put a smile on his face and that's what I wanted to to.

- Tanya McDonald, 14th August, 2017   (Email)


Great job guys, my wife thought the flowers were stunning! She liked the chocolates too!

- Anon, 10th August, 2017  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Good experience, very happy with flowers, would use again.

- Anon, 10th August, 2017  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Ordered from Urban Flower online from abroad and was thrilled to see that the photo of them sent by my sister exactly matched the photo on their site. The staff were also very helpful in replying to a question I had concerning delivery. I will definitely use them again. 

- Sandy Mercier, 10th August, 2017   (Google Review)


Wonderful, arrived exactly as pictured. 

- Anon, 8th August, 2017  (Google Trusted Store Review)


She was delighted with the flowers, thank you so very much.

- Abby, 7th August, 2017   (Email)


On behalf of my family I want to say a very big thank you to you for the beautiful flower arrangements that you provided for Mum's funeral. They were stunning. We were just so appreciative.

- Diana, 5th August, 2017   (Letter)


They sent a really lovely baby hamper to my boss in hospital. Delivery was reasonable and everything worked out well.

- Pedro, 2nd August, 2017   (True Local Review)


I have sent arrangements from Urban Flower several times now and each time the recipients have been extremely happy with them. Most recently a friend who owns a high-end homewares store thought the Pure Delight arrangement was the most beautiful arrangement she had ever seen. I'd have to agree and either send that or the Tulip Garden. What do they say, when you're onto a good thing... Thank you to Winston and his team.

- Mish, 2nd August, 2017   (Product Review)


Transaction went so smooth and was no hassle. Beautiful plant, chocolate, teddy and balloon. Highly recommend.

- Anon, 1st August, 2017  (Google Trusted Store Review)


I wanted to thank Urban Flower for the beautiful arrangement! My friends were so happy to see such a gift! You guys are amazing! Thank you for making the celebration of my friend's new baby truly special.

- Vi, 31st July, 2017   (Email)


Thank you so much for the delivery of our orchids this morning! I cannot tell you how much your help and amazing service was appreciated. Thank you for being so accommodating at such short notice.

- Melanie, 31st July, 2017   (Email)


Arrangement was fabulous. Delivery was perfect. Thanks a lot.

- Anon, 28th July, 2017  (Google Trusted Store Review)


The recipient was very pleased.

- Bobbie, 26th July, 2017   (Direct2Florist Review)


Have ordered from Urban Flower a few times. The flowers always last well.

- Anon, 22nd July, 2017  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Lovely selection of flowers, answered my questions when I called them. Would use again.

- Anon, 21st July, 2017  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Great selection and clear instructions on delivery!

- Anon, 21st July, 2017  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Just wanted to say the bouquet of snap dragons and orchids were beautiful and your delivery person was cute as a button. Thank you!

- Jewel, 20th July, 2017   (Email)


I was really impressed as they rang to confirm the address I gave them.

- Vanessa, 14th July, 2017   (Direct2Florist Review)


I placed an order this morning just before 10am for flowers to be delivered to a friend's work for her 21st birthday. She received these within 2.5 hours and they are absolutely beautiful! Perfect size bunch and such good quality which I was amazed by as most florists would charge a lot more for what we ordered and the quality nowhere near as good as what you have provided. Would like to thank you and your team for the efficient service and amazing flowers! Will definitely recommend  and continue to use you for future deliveries. 

- Jessie, 13th July, 2017   (Email)


Thank you for the flowers you delivered to my sister at the Mater Hospital. They were lovely and cheered her up.

- Jenna, 13th July, 2017   (Google Review)


Ordered easily online. Flowers were delivered promptly and looked amazing. Thank you.

- Anon, 6th July, 2017  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Thank you! The flowers were amazing!

- Mary, 5th July, 2017   (Email)


I just wanted to say thank you so much for the gorgeous flowers you delivered to my brother in hospital on Saturday. He was very happy to receive them and sent me a photo to show me just how beautiful they were. I live in Melbourne so I was not able to be there with him but your beautiful bouquet of flowers really brightened up his room and expressed my love.

- Amii, Melbourne, 3rd July, 2017   (Email)


Easy to order from overseas for a local delivery in Burwood. Would use them again. Thanks Winston for the great delivery.

- Bruce Carpenter, 23rd June, 2017   (Google Review)


Thank you for the flower arrangement you have done for my Mum, they look beautiful. I'm really happy with it.

- Jo H, New Zealand, 20th June, 2017   (Email)


A great family owned business that has been in the Burwood area forever! A flower bouquet or arrangement for every occasion? You bet! A florist you can trust and be happy with.

- Teena, 20th June, 2017   (Facebook Review)


Ordered one of the beautiful baby baskets online for a friend and her new arrival. She was so happy with basket and it looked so beautiful in the photos she sent me! Great gift idea for new mums! Thank you so much Urban Flower - great job!

- Emma, Ireland, 18th June, 2017   (Facebook Review)


Sent my sister flowers today and I asked them to send her something special and my sister was blown away! These guys are the best!

- Veronica, 18th June, 2017   (Facebook Review)


I'm so grateful to Urban Flower for helping me reach my dream flowers for my wedding. They helped me design the bouquets for myself and my bridesmaids and the beautiful centrepieces for the guest tables too. The flowers that were presented on the day of my wedding were absolutely stunning, better than I could've dreamt of. Probably one of my favourite things of the day, other than mannying my husband!

- Lizzy, 17th June, 2017   (Facebook Review)


I had an indoor plant delivered to a colleague last week and they LOVED it! This is my go-to florist for every special occasion. Great work Urban Flower! 

- Talissa, 17th June, 2017   (Google Review)


We recently moved from Sydney, Australia and needed to send a bouquet to a friend who needed a bit of sunshine in her trying times. We ordered a GORGEOUS sunflower bouquet from Urban Flower. They were absolutely amazing and took care of our requests. I could not recommend them more. Fantastic, superior and all around legends.

- Stephanie, 17th June, 2017   (Google Review)


Urban Flower delivered the flowers for my father's funeral. We had a beautiful, colourful display of flowers for the coffin and two displays that matched in white ceramic pots for the chapel. Everyone commented on how lush and fresh the flower arrangement looked. My mother had asked for something that looked colourful and had some roses in it... because my Dad's favourite flowers were roses. She left the rest of the details up to Urban Flower. Being the middle of winter she wasn't expecting to be able to have such a colourful, interesting display so she was pleasantly surprised. Thank you everyone at Urban Flower! 

- Pam Pike, June 13th, 2017   (Facebook Review)


Love your flower styles and staff! Great experience, enjoyed spending time in the shop and seeing new products there.

- Sarah, 13th June, 2017   (Facebook Review)


Great plant range, lots of floral designs to choose from in the store.

- Toni, 10th June, 2017   (Facebook Review)


I have ordered the Pure Delight floral arrangement a couple of times and I have to congratulate Urban Flower. They are absolutely stunning every time! Thank you so much!

- Sue, 9th June, 2017   (Product Review Website)


Excellent service. They went above and beyond to help us make arrangements for some beautiful flowers, vases and even decorations for our engagement party. Would highly recommend Urban Flower!

- Chris, Wahroonga, 29th May, 2017   (Google Review)


Beautiful, huge bouquet sent for a birthday. My sister was thrilled, and said 'they must have cost me a fortune'! Great service, reasonable price (not a fortune!). Will remember this florist and use again!

- Monica, U.K., 27th May, 2017   (Google Review)


Thank you, Aunty Vicki was thrilled with her 'Delicate' orchid arrangement yesterday. Beautiful.

- Michelle, 27th May, 2017   (Email)


Stunning flowers and great service. Ordered the Lilac and Lime arrangement and it was gorgeous. Thanks.

- Kylie, 21st May, 2017   (Facebook Review)


Sincere thanks to you for your phone assistance and thoughtfulness. And to all who took part in preparing and delivering the Sympathy Wreath for my sisters 'goodbye day'. The flowers were stunning and fresh and the card I ordered was very elegant. This all helped me get through a very tough day. Thank you.

- Nanette, 16th May, 2017   (Email)


I am so delighted with the most elegant display of flowers I have ever received. Pure Delight is very aptly named. Thank you.

- Tony, 11th May, 2017   (Email)


Fantastic service. Thank you very much.

- Andy, 10th May, 2017   (Email)


I received my fishbowl of gorgeous lilies on Thursday from Urban Flower. They are a stunning arrangement. Thanks very much Urban Flower for them.

- Melissa, 22nd April, 2017   (Facebook Review)


Fantastic service. Went above and beyond to deliver to my friend at the beach! Highly recommend!

- Mark, 21st April, 2017   (Facebook Review)


Accommodated my order with same day delivery at really short notice. I'd use them again.

- Anon, 20th April, 2017  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Great experience with both ordering and delivery at such short notice.

- Anon, 19th April, 2017  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Very good service, delivered as advertised. Succeeded where other florists have failed. Thank you for making the recipient's day/week.

- Anon, 16th April, 2017  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Great website made it easy to see what I was ordering. Very efficient - same day delivery.

- Anon, 12th April, 2017  (Google Trused Store Review)


Resolved prior order issues with complimentary flowers.

- Nabu, 5th April, 2017   (Google Review)


Ordered for U.K Mother's Day to be delivered in Australia for my Mother-in-Law. Order placed Friday U.K time, requested Saturday A.M delivery Australian time. Arrived as requested. She was absolutely delighted. Ordered large size, saw them when we face-timed and they looked really lovely. just as the order image on the Urban Flower web page. Would definitely use again. Thank you.

- Mrs Wood, 27th March, 2017   (Direct 2 Florist Review)


Beautiful, fresh display of flowers.

- Janet, 23rd March, 2017   (Google Trusted Store Review)


We were so pleased to have Urban Flower do our flowers for our wedding and they exceeded our expectations. I wasn't sure what design I wanted for the flowers and received so much help to come up with the perfect bouquets and flower arrangements for the tables to suit our wedding. We loved how the flowers looked on the day. We would highly recomment Urban Flower as they go above and beyond to ensure the best service.

- Hannah, 15th March, 2017   (Facebook Review)


I wouldn't hesitate to recomment Urban Flower! I've been lucky enough to receive a few bouquets from this lovely company, and I'm blown away by the quality. I don't know how you guys do it, but your flowers are always just so beautiful and fresh, and the arrangements are stunning. Thank you! 

- Maddy, 7th March, 2017   (Google Review)


I would definitely recommend Urban Flower. Wonderful service in the store and over the phone. The flower arrangements were both beautiful and delivered on time.

- Lizzie, 22nd February, 2017   (Google Review)


Urban Flower were extremely easy to deal with, they were able to prepare exactly what I was looking for, and they delivered without any problems.

- Jake, 22nd February, 2017   (Facebook Review)


Some of the most beautiful floral arrangements I've seen. Excellent quality. I have dealt with a lot of florists through my work in the past and found these guys excellent, friendly and helpful.

- Laura, 20th February, 2017   (Google Review)


Unfortunately the order of flowers did not arrive on Valentine's Day. The business did call to advise of their inablility to supply due to lack of stock. Despite the disappointment, they were genuine and apologetic and arranged to fulfil the order the following day and provided some extra goodies and an apology note. The flowers and extra goodies were beautiful and well received.

- Anon, 18th February, 2017  (Google Trusted Store Review)


I ordered flowers the evening before Valentine's Day, concerned that I may have missed cut off deadline. Rang the friendly customer service who assured me that it was still fine to order. Received a text at 7am on Valentine's Day to say that the flowers were delivered! Very happy about that! Fantastic service and flowers were beautiful! Will definitely order again!

- Anon, 18th February, 2017  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Have been ordering flowers since 2012. Everytime they deliver with perfection and quality.

- Rahul, 14th February, 2017   (Google Review)


Just received the most beautiful box of flowers from Urban Flower. Flowers so, so fresh, and arrangement just gorgeous. Amongst the best florists in Sydney.

- Suzie Willmot, 13th February, 2017   (Facebook Review)


Ever since settling here form the U.S, I have shopped around for a go-to florist for all of my floral needs. Urban Flowers is it for me! Great customer service, unique arrangements, last minute orders and handled effieciently and everyone that receives flowers from me (via Urban Flower) have absolutely raved over how beautiful they are (especially the bowled ones!). You guys have my dollars for sure.

- Marty Williams Jnr, 1st Feburary, 2017   (Google Review)


I ordered two bunches of flowers to be delivered to the same address. The customer service rep contacted me by email and phone to make sure that I hadn't made a mistake. That was very thoughtful and professional.

- Anon, 23rd January, 2017  (Google Trusted Store Review)


I did not see the flowers but the recipient said that they were beautiful.

- Caroline, 21st January, 2017   (Direct2Florist Review)


Made my Mum's day!

- Casey, 18th Januray, 2017   (Facebook Review)


Perfect flowers and perfect presentation.

- Anon, 11th December, 2016  (Google Trusted Store Review)


The flowers looked lovely.

- Anon, 7th December, 2016  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Fast delivery. Other services were not able to deliver outside of inner city. I appreciate it!

- Jennifer Puth, 20th November, 2016   (Facebook Review)


Absolutely stunning flowers, quick and easy experience, delivered on time. I'll definitely shop there again!

- Anon, 7th November, 2016  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Thank you for the prompt and efficient service. My daughters and I and importantly the people we send flowers to are always extremely happy with everything you guys do. We greatly appreciate your efforts and high standards and know your flowers will always look as good as they do in the pictures. 

- Michele, 3rd November, 2016   (Email)


Thanks Winston, the flowers have been beautiful!

- Joanna, Strathfield Private Hospital, 1st November, 2016   (Email)


Love your work. Everything that I have ordered from you has been wonderful. You are my go-to florist in Sydney.

- Sally, 1st November, 2016   (Email)


Our client was very happy with their gift. Thank you.

- Anon, 30th October, 2016  (Google Trusted Store Review)


I have used Urban Flowers several times. I like their products and their website and their loyalty scheme keeps me going back.

- Anon, 23rd October, 2016  (Google Trusted Store Review)


I love Urban Flowers for their unique and beautiful blooms.

- Victoria, 13th October, 2016   (Facebook Review)


Thank you very much! I ordered flowers to send to my mother in law for her birthday yesterday and she was thrilled and commented how beautiful they were. She sent me a photo and they looked just like your website. I just wanted to let you know I really appreciate receiving such great service and good quality flowers. Thank you again.

- Vanessa, Drummoyne, 12th October, 2016   (Email)


We just got the delivery for an Alice bunch. As always it's simply stunning. I cannot speak highly enough of you guys. Fast excellent delivery. Brilliant arrangements. You guys are the best in Sydney. 

- Kevin, North Ryde, 6th October, 2016   (Product Review)


Thanks guys, the missus loved them. I'll never be in the doghouse again.  

- Michael, Strathfield, 30th September, 2016   (Facebook Review)


The flowers were delivered on time. Everyone that saw them commented on how beautiful they are and how lovely they smell. Keep up the great service.  

- Scott, Bankstown, 29th September, 2016   (Facebook Review)


I was told that the flowers were beautiful and have lasted - they arrived at the prescribed date. I wouldn't hesitate to use you again.  

- Anon, 25th September, 2016  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Thanks so much for the beautiful flowers, and the service too.  

Kate, Concord West, 21st September, 2016   (Facebook Review)


Thank you so much Urban Flower for the beautiful floral arrangements. The flowers looked amazing. I would definitely recommend Urban Flower - the staff were professional, they were willing to cater to our needs, the delivery was prompt and reliable too. Thank you again!

- Narelle, Mount Colah, 21st September, 2016    (Facebook Review)


Fantastic selection of flowers, on-time delivery. Couldn't have asked for more.

- Jaron, 20th September, 2015   (Facebook Review) 


I wish to thank you for the exquisite arrangement of flowers that came our way for my father's funeral. The wreath was exactly as Mum wished and the two flower stands were spectacular. Roses were one of my father's favourite flowers and thanks to your immaculate displays we were able to honour him in this special way. 

- Diana, Cherrybrook, 17th September, 2016   (Thank you Card)


Have never been disappointed with the products or service from Urban Flower. Highly recommend for all your special occassions if you want something exceptional.  

- Anon, 13th September, 2016  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Very easy website. Flowers arrived on time, instructions were followed, prices were competitive and the flowers look beautiful. Will use again.

- Anon, 7th September, 2016  (Google Trusted Store Review)


I had some lilies delivered last Friday in Miranda. The receivers have not stopped raving about how beautiful they are, even a week later. Thank you so much for adding some sunshine at a sad time. I will highly recommend Urban Flower. 

- Julie, 3rd September, 2016   (Email)


Very quick delivery and the flowers looked exactly like the ones on the website. Would definitely recommend Urban Flower! 

- Juliana, 1st September, 2016   (Google Review)


The flowers were lovely. Thanks to the team. 

- Linda, 28th August, 2016   (Email)


I was really impressed with the service and happy with my order, thanks for making my selection easy.

- Sheri, Mount Kuring-gai, 27th August, 2016   (Facebook Review)


Great service overall. Flowers were beautiful and as advertised.

- Anon, 23rd August, 2016  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Got exactly what I expected and what was pictured. Great job.

- Anon, 22nd August, 2016  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Good value. Online experience was pretty good. Highly recommend.  

- Anon, 21st August, 2016   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Just wanted to say thanks, you've continuously delivered great service and beautiful flowers.

- Jacob, 16th August, 2016   (Email)


The roses are absolutely beautiful and are lasting well.  

- Anon, 7th August, 2016  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Your website is so easy to use and the range is amazing. Thank you!  

- Anon, 23rd July, 2016  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Excellent choice to choose from on the website.

- Eunice, 29th July, 2016   (Direct2Florist Review)


Excellent customer service, would highly recommend.  

- Anon, 12th July, 2016  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Receiver was delighted.  

- Anon, 10th July, 2016  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Prompt delivery and order was exactly as the photo. Reasonable price as well. Highly recommend.  

- Anon, 27th June, 2016  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Thank you! The flowers looked absolutely beautiful. 

- Melissa, 23rd June, 2016   (Email)


Thank you for the beautiful order delivered to my sister last Thursday for her birthday. I found you on an Internet search, and had no idea, being on the other side of the world, what to expect! The service online was flawless and the flowers delivered were just perfect and virtually an exact replica of what was in the picture. Thank you for doing such a great job! 

- Amelia, U.K, 20th June 2016   (Facebook Review)


Just to let you know that my mother loved her bouquet of flowers. Thank you for helping us to send the perfect birthday greetings from across the globe! 

- Winnie, 15th June 2016   (Email)


Prompt delivery by a polite young man who helped the elderly resident to place them.  

- Anon, 13th June, 2016 (Google Trusted Store Review)


I just ordered a Fabulous Fishbowl for my friend in hospital. It was delivered yesterday and she says they are absolutely gorgeous and look amazing. Thank you for a simple and easy ordering and delivery service. I pass your shop almost daily on my way to and from work and always have a sticky beak in while sitting in traffic and wondered what you were like. Now I know! Keep up the good work. 

- Rosie, 7th June 2016   (Email)


Easy ordering and upgrades. Reliable delivery and always beautiful flowers.  

- Anon, 5th June, 2016  (Google Trusted Store Review)


My fave Inner West florist! Friendly staff and beautiful blooms that I have been fortunate enough to receive for my birthday in the past. Can't wait for the next bunch! 

- Amanda, Haberfield, 18th May 2016   (Facebook Review)


I just wanted to tell you that your arrangement 'Pure Delight' is the most beautiful floral arrangement I have ever seen. I received it from a friend after the loss of our daughter recently and we were blown away with its beauty. 

- Deborah, 18th May 2016   (Email)


I just spoke to Mum and she is very thrilled and loves the flowers. Thank you for your great service. 

- Georgina, 7th May 2016   (Email)


Urban Flower was the perfect choice for our wedding flowers. I sent in rough ideas of preferred flowers, styles and colour schemes I liked and your florists combined each of these ideas to create amazing arrangements for our bouquets, boutonnieres and flower crowns. We couldn't be happier with how they looked on the day and how they turned out in our photos.

- Lizzie, 26th April 2016   (Facebook Review)


Thank you so much for completing this order for me. I have to say the flowers have been exquisite - the most perfect roses and so fresh when delivered. My partner and I are still enjoying them because they haven't begun to fade yet and that's been eight days since delivery. Well done for a quality service. 

- Roderick, 12th April 2016   (Email)


Thank you Urban Flower for executing this difficult delivery. Your service was impeccable. My wife was delighted to receive them. The flower arrangement exceeded expectation. Will definitely recommend and use your service again. 

- Grantley, 8th April 2016   (Email)


I have been very happy with your service and my mother has been very happy with the flowers through your business. Thanks!

- Natalie, Conneticut, USA, 5th April, 2016   (Email)


Thank you. She was delighted with the lovely arrangement. 

- Gaetane, 30th March 2016   (Email)


I was lucky enough to win some flowers from you guys. They were absolutely stunning and after a very tough week they made my day. Thank you so much! 

- Nicole, Liverpool, 14th March 2016   (Facebook Review)


What can I say Urban Flower, every time I deal with you everything is perfect! The service, the delivery, the flowers, the freshness! Love it all! And it helps that my wife loves you guys and your flowers even more! She has even told me she will only accept flowers from you guys ha ha. Keep up the great work. 

- Matthew, 7th March 2016   (Google Review)


I was lucky to have received some blooms from your florist for my birthday. I have to say the flower bowl took my breath away. It was beautiful and very unique. Thank you! 

- Marcella, 3rd March 2016   (Email)


The recipient was very happy with the flowers.  

- Anon, 2nd March, 2016  (Google Trusted Store Review)


I had a dear friend in St George Hospital a long way from home so I ordered flowers from your store for her.  When I visited my friend later in the week I was delighted, as was my friend, by how beautifully the bouquet was presented and by how fresh they still were. 

- Lorraine, Tasmania, 24th February   (Facebook Review)


Most flowers I have received before have not lasted the distance, especially in Summer, but my flowers from Urban Flower lasted the distance and then some. 

- Lysette, Marrickville, 24th February 2016   (Facebook Review)


Thank you for the prompt customer service you provided last night and throughout today. Great job! I'm grateful for your willingness to provide an exceptional follow up service of sending out flowers today without payment, being a return customer on numerous occassions. This was great news and brightened up my day as well as that of the recipient of the flowers. 

- August, 19th February 2016   (Email)


Roses were beautiful and arrived in good condition on time. Would buy again.

- Anon, 18th February, 2016  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Excellent service as always. I have been using Urban Flower for years.

- Anon, 14th February, 2016  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Just got my girlfriend early Valentine's roses from Urban Flower and they are excellent. She is delighted with them. They look really fresh and were put together really well. I also gave them a ring when the flowers hadn't arrived between the times I asked for (only half an hour out) but they rang the driver for me and he advised they would be delivered within 10 minutes and he was spot on. Fantastic customer service, will definitely be using again.

- PJA, 13th February, 2016   (Product Revew)


Just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for Carli's beautiful 21st birthday flowers delivered on Saturday to Sydney Rowing Club at Abbotsford. We were absolutely thrilled with them and the vases looked exactly as we wanted them to be. We ended up giving each lady a vase to take home which will ensure that they are admired for a few days yet! 

- Nikki, 8th February 2016   (Email)


Very good service with pictures online showing the flower samples.  

- Anon, 4th February, 2016  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Carli and the Urban Flower team responded well to a situation, and ensured the flowers were delivered to Concord Hospital on the same day. Thank you, it meant a lot to the person receiving them, as she is a long way from home and family. 

- Damien, 1st February 2016   (Facebook Review)


I ordered an arrangement today at 1:45pm and it was delivered at 3:30pm. I am so impressed with your service! The flowers were beautiful and even the delivery guy was reported to be very friendly! Thank you!

- Jo, 16th January 2016   (Email)


Beautiful product range.  

- Anon, 28th December, 2015  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Excellent service from Tiernan in customer service who gave me their direct email address and ensured that the special note I emailed was printed out and included with the delivery.  

- Anon, 21st Decmber, 2015  (Google Trusted Store Review)


They went out of their way to ring us to ensure small changes to our order were acceptable.  

- Anon, 19th December, 2015  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Thank you, not only for your lovely staff member that I spoke with on the telephone, but also for the beautiful flowers that you delivered from me to my sister in Sydney - we are in Perth WA. She sent me a message with a photo of them attached, as we always do for each other. I saw that they were simply gorgeous. My sister was "over the moon" with the flowers (peonies), the beautiful, natural arrangement they were in and the "stunning" vase. Thank you so much.

- Jo, Perth W.A, 15th December 2015   (Email)


I ordered an arrangement of 25 red roses, Deep Blue orchids, chocolates, a balloon and a blue teddy bear for delivery yesterday to an address in Bondi Junction. I would like to say a big thank you! The flowers and arrangement were spectacular! The orchids are so beautiful. Needless to say the person who received the flowers was very impressed!

- Pat, 12th December 2015   (Email)


Very helpful, fast, and convenient.

- Anon, 29th November, 2015  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Flowers are always good.

- Anon, 28th November, 2015  (Google Trusted Store Review)


I live in the U.S. and always use Urban Flower whenever I need to order flowers for my friends in Sydney. They are always beautiful arrangements and are delivered with incredible speed and efficiency. I would not hesitate to recommend Urban Flower for fantastic flower arrangements and efficient delivery.

- Clare, 24th November 2015   (Email)


Thank you for giving my friend a badly needed dose of joy. Jan was very impressed with your arrangement.

- Julie, 17th November 2015   (Email)


Delivered on time, however, my wife didn't hear the knock at the door so they rang her. Great service.  

- Anon, 15th November, 2015  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Very easy to order. Beautiful flowers. A bit pricey but worth it!  

- Anon, 12th November, 2015  (Google Trusted Store Review)


I have used Urban Flower multiple times. Always great and friendly service. I would recommend them to anyone who needed beautiful flowers fast! I called up as a last minute idea and they got the job done for me. Very happy! Also, the flowers seem to last for ages and the arrangements never fail to impress my wife. 

- Jay, Wahroonga, 6th November 2016   (Google Review)


I ordered some flowers last week for my father’s funeral to go on the coffin. I just wanted to say a big thank you! The flowers were absolutely beautiful.

- Maria, 27th October 2015   (Google Review)


The flowers were delivered, literally in PERFECT timing! Couldn’t have been a better moment. Thanks again.

- Sara, Bondi, 29th October 2015   (Email)


Lovely bouquet, very pleased with service.

- David, 22nd October, 2015   (Direct2Florist Review)


I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the delivery you made for me today. I was a little nervous about ordering over the Internet and not viewing the product before it was sent, but the arrangement looked stunning and she absolutely loved them! Thanks so much!

- Erin, 15th October 2015   (Email)


Always a hassle free experience with a top quality product.  

- Anon, 5th October, 2015  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Many, many thanks for the gorgeous bouquet you made for my friend. She said it was absolutely beautiful and very uplifting.

- Rhonda, 30th September 2015   (Email)


Thank you for the beautiful wedding bouquet!

- Joseph and Jeann, Sydney, 15th September 2015   (Email)


Urban Flower provided a stunning arrangement for my dear friend.  

- Samantha, 15th September, 2015   (Product Review)


Urban Flowers were great - I had to change the delivery address and it was no problem - flowers were really lovely and the recipient was very happy. I would recommend Urban Flower.  

- Anon, 15th September, 2015  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Photograph sent by the recipients, and their comments, showed a beautiful display.

- John, 31st August, 2015   (Direct2Florist Review)


Thanks Urban Flower! Flowers for the anniversary were awesome!

- Jay, Turramurra, 30th August 2015   (Facebook Review)


Thank you all so much for the beautiful casket Natives arrangement that you did for my brother-in-law's funeral today at the Guardian Funeral Chapel in Blacktown.The waratahs were great! Greg's favourite flower. Everyone commented on the lovely flowers. We will definitely recommend your company to family and friends.

- Phillip, 24th August, 2015   (Email)


Always beautiful and fresh, stunning arrangements.  

- Anon, 22nd August, 2015  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Everything went very well with the flower order.  

- Anon, 18th August, 2015  (Google Trusted Store Review)


My Aunt was thrilled with the flowers which arrived promptly and she was amazed at the beautiful arrangement.  

- Anon, 17th August, 2015  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Great service, thank you. Will use your flower service again.  

- Anon, 14th August, 2015  (Google Trusted Store Review)


I like the 'Zen' type flower arrangement. It is different and beautifully aesthetic. I was able to appreciate how beautiful it was when the receiver sent me a photo of it.  

- Anon, 6th August, 2015  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Use Urban Flowers regularly and always extremely happy with their product and service. Would highly recommend to anyone.  

- Anon, 4th August, 2015  (Google Trusted Store Review)


The recipient loved her flowers and they arrived on time.

- Anon, 3rd August, 2015  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Great experience. Quick, easy, and beautiful arrangements. Thanks.  

- Anon, 2nd August, 2015  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Thank you so much for making up a beautiful wreath for my lovely Auntie's funeral in Pennant Hills today. I live in Melbourne and was unable to attend the funeral, but was very happy that the flowers were placed up on the altar. I was terribly upset on the phone when ordering and appreciate your nice staff member who was very patient with me.

- Anneliese, Melbourne, 15th July, 2015   (Email)


Just wanted to say thank you very much, the wreath was beautiful. Thank you again.

- Jackie, Parramatta, 13th July, 2015   (Email)


Excellent service as always.

- Anon, 11th July, 2015   (Google Trusted Store Review)


Fantastic selection to choose from. Arrangements are beautifully photographed and presented on the site. 

- Anon, 8th July, 2015  (Google Trusted Store Review)


I placed an order for 24 red roses for my daughter, a medical practitioner, to congratulate her on the success of an exam. The order was placed at 11.30am and I wanted the flowers to be delivered the same day. I was surprised when I received an SMS text message from my daughter at 12.30pm with a photo of the red roses. Congratulations to Urban Flower and Google Trusted Stores for their 'out of the world' experience.

- Anon, 7th July, 2015  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Excellent service and product. Would deal with again on the next important occassion.

- Anon, 8th June, 2015  (Google Trusted Store Review)


I love Urban Flower, always beautiful quality fresh flowers delivered on time.

- Anon, 8th June, 2015  (Google Trusted Store Review)


I loved my wedding flowers! They made them just stunning and suited my dress and my bridesmaids' dresses perfectly. The flowers were in great quality and lasted the whole day. Couldn't have asked for better flowers for my day.  

- Sarah, 3rd June, 2015   (Product Review)


Just had an absolutely beautiful arrangement of flowers delivered. The colours are just gorgeous. Hubby did well!  

- Toni, 23rd May, 2015   (Product Review)


I have ordered a number of times from Urban Flower. They have always delivered on time, never had to contact them with any issues.

- Anon, 31st May, 2015  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Urban Flower did the most beautiful Mother's Day flowers for my nana and grandma this Mother's Day. If you need flowers go and see them, apparently the best flowers ever received and just beautiful. I'm a regular now.

- Corrie, Dural, 9th May 2015   (Facebook Review)


My husband has been buying flowers from Urban Flower for the last 2 years and every time I can truly say that he has found the best florist there is! Your creativity in producing amazing bouquets and the freshness is unbelievable. Lasting up to 2 weeks I have never seen before. Thank you so much Urban Flower!

- Lucia, 16th March 2015   (Facebook Review)


I am a repeat customer with Urban Flower, they create beautiful bouquets and everyone I've had them deliver to have been delighted by the beautiful flowers they've received. I will continue to use Urban Flower. Very happy customer. 

- Anon, 14th May, 2015  (Google Trusted Store Review)


I have used Urban Flower serveral times before and they have always been prompt with on time delivery and product quality very good.

- Anon, 14th May, 2015  (Google Trusted Store Review)


I have used Urban Flower to send gifts for many years now and they always provide excellent service.

- Anon, 12th May, 2015  (Google Trusted Store Review)


It's difficult for me to judge the quality of the flowers since I didn't see them. However, customer service was very polite and helpful.

- Anon, 11th May, 2015  (Google Trusted Store Review)


I received back a message from the recipient of the flowers that they arrived and were beautiful.

- Anon, 28th April, 2015  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Have been an Urban Flower customer for several years - arrangements are just fabulous, always delivered on time. It is an excellent business.

- Anon, 26th April, 2015  (Google Trusted Store Review)


I purchased the arrangement from the website  as I am based in Perth, Western Australia. The recipient received the gift on the day and thought they were wonderful.

- Anon, 21st April, 2015  (Google Trusted Store Review)


It is an easy process and the selection is amazing and beautiful. I have used this website many times and have not been disappointed. The receiver of the flowers sent were very excited and loved the flowers.

- Anon, 28th March, 2015  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Their flowers are amazing and what you order is exactly what you get. I will always use Urban Flower and have done for a while. Just beautiful and whoever receives them is delighted. Thank you Urban Flower.

- Carmelina, 28th March, 2015  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Sent flowers to my sister for her first day back from maternity leave. Urban Flowers were so helpful, wonderful customer service and the most beautiful flowers! Thank you for helping make her day a little easier!

- Tara, Drummoyne, 16th March 2015   (Email)


Ordered flowers rather late to be delivered the following day. They arrived as requested and the recipient was really happy with them.

- Anon, 14th March, 2015  (Google Trusted Store Review)


I have contacted Urban Flower multiple times for bereavement and special birthdays. Always beautiful flowers, on time. Never any problems.

- Anon, 12th March, 2015  (Google Trusted Store Review)


Ordered the Candy bouquet online, flowers arrived quick and look beautiful. Thanks Urban Flower for doing a great job. Highly recommend.

- Anon, 1st October, 2014   (Product Review)


Just had an absolutely beautiful bunch of flowers from Urban Flowers delivered to me. The colours are just gorgeous. Thank you!

- Maddy, Turramurra, 1st September 2014   (Facebook)


Thank you to Winston and all the team at Urban Flower that produced the most amazing floral creations for Brianna's wedding.

- Sharen, Beecroft, 5th August 2014   (Facebook)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


Beautiful floral arrangements to choose from. My friend loved them.

- Hamlin, 28th December, 2013   (Direct2Florist Review)


Recipient said that the flowers were just beautiful. She told me that Urban Flower was a great florist and had a great name in the area.

- Thomas, 1st October, 2012   (Direct2Florist Review)


Delivered on time. Recipients were delighted with the flowers.

- Kenneth, 10th October, 2011   (Direct2Florist Review)


I ordered the Sunkissed arrangement for Mama. It was awesome. Mama liked it so much, and told me that the roses were so fresh and elegant. It was my first time to send flowers through the Internet, but seriously, was easy, fast and very good. Thanks to all who helped put a smile on Mama's face.

- Rashwan, 25th September, 2011   (Direct2Florist Review)


Having ordered from Scotland, we are never sure that we have picked the correct florist. However, my aunt who the flowers were for, for her 80th birthday, was absolutely delighted with them, and said how vibrant the colours were. Thank you so much. I will certainly use your company again.

- Barbara Hunter, 10th August, 2011   (Direct2Florist Review)