Puggle the Echidna

Puggle the Echidna
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Ever since his Papa read him Wind in the Willows, Puggle has wanted to be English. He speaks with a British accent (though slips back into an Aussie one when he`s excited or hungry), dresses like a British person, and loves tea and scones.

This toy echidna is eccentric, entertaining and adorable. There isn`t a bad bone in his body, even his spikes are soft.

Nana Huchy products embody the elegance of a time gone by. Traditional toys and gifts meticulously crafted in natural linens and earthy tones. The Nana Huchy range of gifts are both practical and make beautiful keepsakes.

Ideal as a new baby, baby shower and christening gifts.

Measures 26cm x 22xm x 17cm.