Camilla the Camel

Camilla the Camel
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With two humps, Camilla is clearly a `Bactrian` but if you refer to her as one of those one humped `Dromedary` camels, she will spit sand. Kidding, camels get a bad wrep but Camilla is the sweetest creature to ever walk this earth in search of water. Docile by nature, she loves cuddles and lullabies, especially the one that goes `My hump, my hump, my hump, my hump, my hump`. Such a soothing tune.

Nana Huchy products embody the elegance of a time gone by. Traditional toys and gifts meticulously crafted in natural linens and earthy tones. The Nana Huchy range of gifts are both practical and make beautiful keepsakes.

Measures 39cm x 32cm , also shaped like the perfect pillow.