Devil's Ivy Totem

Devil`s Ivy Totem

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Devils Ivy is the easiest houseplant hands down, and one of our top three for bringing green inside, even to dark corners or offices.

Your Devil's Ivy Totem will be delivered gift wrapped and ready to be put in a special pot or displayed in a basket.

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Chocolatier Pure Indulgence 190g
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Cadbury Roses 450g
Raspberry and Rose 70% Cacao $12.00
Raspberry and Rose 70% Cacao
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Hutwoods Candle$44.95
Hutwoods Candle
So Loved Bath Tea$32.00
So Loved Bath Tea
Luna Bath Soak Pouch$9.00
Luna Bath Soak Pouch
Life of Cha Relaxation Tea (Organic)$26.00
Life of Cha Relaxation Tea (Organic)
Peggy Sue Beauty Oil Trio$74.00
Peggy Sue Beauty Oil Trio
Mandarin Lemon Myrtle Hand Wash$25.95
Mandarin Lemon Myrtle Hand Wash
Rosemary Lavender Hand Wash$25.95
Rosemary Lavender Hand Wash
Essential Trio Gift Box$54.95
Essential Trio Gift Box
Luna Bath Soak$22.50
Luna Bath Soak
Sweet Dewberry & Clove Soy Candle$79.00
Sweet Dewberry & Clove Soy Candle
Blackcurrant & Caribbean Wood Soy Candle$79.00
Blackcurrant & Caribbean Wood Soy Candle
Sweet Dewberry & Clove Diffuser$84.00
Sweet Dewberry & Clove Diffuser
Mango & Lychee Lotion$44.00
Mango & Lychee Lotion
Al.ive Wash & Lotion Duo Kaffir Lime & Green Tea$84.00
Al.ive Wash & Lotion Duo Kaffir Lime & Green Tea
Al.ive Wash & Lotion Duo Fig & Apricot$84.00
Al.ive Wash & Lotion Duo Fig & Apricot
Coconut & Wild Orange Lotion$44.00
Coconut & Wild Orange Lotion
Fig, Apricot & Sage Hand & Body Lotion$44.00
Fig, Apricot & Sage Hand & Body Lotion
Kaffir Lime & Green Tea Lotion$44.00
Kaffir Lime & Green Tea Lotion
Al.ive Wash & Lotion Duo Applewood & Goji Berry$84.00
Al.ive Wash & Lotion Duo Applewood & Goji Berry
Al.ive Wash & Lotion Duo Mango & Lychee$84.00
Al.ive Wash & Lotion Duo Mango & Lychee
Baby Duo Gentle Pear Wash & Lotion$74.00
Baby Duo Gentle Pear Wash & Lotion
 Applewood & Goji Berry Lotion$44.00
Applewood & Goji Berry Lotion
Peggy Sue Self Care Trio$60.00
Peggy Sue Self Care Trio
Peggy Sue Pink Bath Soak$34.00
Peggy Sue Pink Bath Soak
Hutwoods Trio Candle Gift Box$114.95
Hutwoods Trio Candle Gift Box
All For Her$159.00
All For Her
Wanderflower Foot Therapy Set$49.00
Wanderflower Foot Therapy Set
Wanderflower Time to Unwind Wellness Set$49.00
Wanderflower Time to Unwind Wellness Set
Wanderflower Sleep Well Set$49.00
Wanderflower Sleep Well Set
Wanderflower Bath Salt Rocks$24.00
Wanderflower Bath Salt Rocks
Wanderflower Pillow and Room Spray$24.00
Wanderflower Pillow and Room Spray
Wanderflower Lip Balm$19.00
Wanderflower Lip Balm
Posie Candle$54.00
Posie Candle
Mabel and Meg Candles$27.95
Mabel and Meg Candles
Rose Journal$28.00
Rose Journal
Soft Touch Blanket Blush$39.95
Soft Touch Blanket Blush
Soft Touch Blanket Grey$39.95
Soft Touch Blanket Grey
Balm Me Better Salve$29.95
Balm Me Better Salve
Market Basket$59.00
Market Basket
Settler Seeds Cut Flowers Gift Set$44.00
Settler Seeds Cut Flowers Gift Set
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