Ruby Ficus Plant

Ruby Ficus Plant
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The Ficus Elastica Ruby, also known as a variegated Rubber tree, is native to tropical regions of India and Malaysia. Its care is similar to that of the Rubber Tree, however its unique tri-colored variegation requires brighter light conditions than the Burgundy variety to keep the colors strong and defined.

Light Levels: The Ficus Elastica Ruby will grow away from continuous direct sunlight, and leaves may droop and wilt. A well lit space with indirect sun is ideal. 

Watering: Watering needs are simple - they love a good soaking when they`re growing, but dislike constantly damp roots. We`ve found the best way to treat them is to water your plant really well once the soil surface and top inch has dried out, then wait until it dries out in the same way before watering again.