Monstera Plant

Monstera Plant

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The happiest plant in the world! The Monstera! Your Monstera Plant will arrive gift wrapped and tied with a satin ribbon.

Our Leafy Monstera Plants have large, glossy green, perforated and unusually segmented leaves. This extravagant climbing plant will create a jungle of lush foliage in your home or garden. What’s more, this “must have” indoor plant is extremely easy to grow. 

Light Levels: Monstera Plants love BRIGHT indirect light indoors. 

Watering: Keep moist during summer but allow the potting mix or soil to dry out between waterings. Yellowing leaves are a telltale sign that the soil is too wet. Simply ease up the watering and/or find a brighter spot in the house, and it'll recover in no time!

Measures approx 70cm tall.

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