Forest Eco Terrarium

Forest Eco Terrarium
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The Forest Eco is a carefully crafted Terrarium in a gentle egg shaped vessel - Forest Life Terrariums are tropical eco-systems fully sustained in their own lidded glass house. They come complete with special substrate, curated moss, and a jungle botanical in a 25cm x 20cm egg shaped vase.

Light Levels: Keep indoors and out of direct sunlight for healthy plants. 

Watering: A closed terrarium requires little more than a light spray of water every few months. Overwatering can encourage the growth of moulds and causes plant decay. If terrarium walls have more than 25% condensation, remove the cover until walls clear. 

Please note: Some terrariums have pebble at the base and some have moss.

Each terrarium is unique. Please call us on 02 9745 1668 if you have any questions or requests.

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